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There are no perfect words to offer.  For many people, the fear of being viewed as prejudiced can cause them to not speak up, or speak up enough.  However, silence is not the answer.  Silence gives the perception of acceptance.

The Diez Group stands for diversity, and fair, respectful treatment of all people.  We always have and we always will.

We want to be perfectly clear:

The Diez Group will not tolerate racism of any kind.  Within our walls and our community, we expect every human being to be treated with dignity and respect.  No one should ever feel marginalized or unsafe.

Racism is a poison that destroys lives and communities.  We all need to do more to help. We all need to speak up and stand up against horrific atrocities until they no longer occur.

Anyone in support of racism does not belong within our organization.

We will not be silent.

In Peace,

The Diez Family